Creating Your Outdoor Space

Much like creating an indoor living space, formulating your outdoor living space begins with furniture. Whether you have a deck, patio or just an oversized stoop you'll need a place sit down and enjoy the great outdoors! Regardless of the style of your furniture selections, the most important thing about these pieces is that they be functional and comfortable. When making your selections keep in mind the size of your space so you can pick pieces that are proportionately scaled. Notice the sleek, yet comfortable area created in this outdoor space outfitted with furniture by Restoration Hardware. My personal Fav about this space is the use of potted plants and greenery for color and privacy Use this concept and bring nature onto the concrete and wood materials that construct your outdoor space by bringing plants up out of the ground and into stylish containers to impact your overall design. Keep logging on for more tips!


Ringing in the summer season!

With the recent celebration of Memorial Day weekend, most of us are officially kicking off our summer lifestyles- most specifically, using outdoor living spaces! Now although most of us don't have such grand spaces with such fabulous views, there are a ton of ways to easily and quickly update your own outdoor spaces. Keep visiting the Joe Lore Design blog and I'll be bringing you ideas throughout the summer of how to reinvent and spice up your outdoor living spaces. Btw... This pic was taken at the rooftop lounge of the fabulously Chic Betsy Hotel in South Beach, Florida.


Welcome to Joe Lore Design!

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